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The PIRATE Facility is owned and maintained by CEPSAR, The Open University. Unless noted otherwise, staff listed below are in the Department of Physical Sciences.

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The PIRATE project team

Team member
Ulrich Kolb
Principal Investigator
Jo Jarvis
Control system maintenance; data analysis & scientific exploitation
Richard Busuttil 
Control system maintenance & routine operations; data analysis & scientific exploitation
Marcus Brodeur
Educational researcher
Jakub Bochinski
Expert user
Carole Haswell
Data analysis techniques and scientific exploitation
Vadim Burwitz (MPE Garching, and OAM) Consultant (hardware, control software)
Elena Gonzalez (OAM) OAM liaison
Xisco Serra (OAM; Belauba Design) System adminstrator
Juan Rodriguez (OAM) OAM liaison and maintennace

Past team members   

Summer students
Ramasamy Venugopal (ISU, Strasbourg)
Shripathi Hadigal (ISU Strasbourg)
Samantha Rolfe (Leicester, now OU)
John Rostron (St. Andrews, now Warwick)

OU affiliates
John Barker (University Centre, Blackburn College)
Karl Wraight (OU)
Vanessa Stroud

OU staff
Stefan Holmes (principle support astronomer)
Rob Lucas (software developer)


The PIRATE project gratefully acknowledges the support by the dedicated OAM staff without whom the successful operations would be impossible. We thank all PIRATE expert users, past and present, who made important contributions to the commissioning and maintenance of the facility.


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